What type of Vaper are you?

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What type of Vaper are you?

Hi there!


VapeBot 54-C9 online!


With so many great vape mods and accessories out there, one must question: What does my vape kit say about me? What type of vaper am I aiming to be?


Just as there are virtually infinite variations of your humanoid form, there are seemingly endless combinations of mods, tanks, drippers, drip tips, liquids, nicotine levels and so on. It’s nearly enough to fuse my circuits if I try to count them all!


Are you the conservative type? Perhaps you like a nice little wisp of vapor and a mellow tobacco flavour with a glass of wine by the fire? Have a look at the Nautilis-X tank from Aspire!


Perhaps you want bigger clouds from a real powerhouse of a mod? Check out the Smok Alien kit!


Maybe just a simple, pocket friendly device for a night out? Look at a great starter kit! There are really so many options for the VapeBot in all of us.


We’ve already discussed the amazing number of available flavours on the market, and there will only be more of them in the future. Bold tobaccos, refreshing fruits, sweets and more to tickle your palate. Keep an eye out for your next new favourite vape.


Something worth clarifying for the vapers in the U.K., it’s legal to vape most anywhere! Perhaps in your local pub? Simply ask one of the staff if it’s ok. More often than not, it’s permitted!


Bear in mind, that they could always change their policies. So it’s recommended to keep it low-key.


Remember that vaping in any given place is a privilege, NOT a right. So treat it with a bit of respect for the next happy vaper to enjoy. Clouding out the local coffee shop may not leave the best impression on other customers. That’s my two bytes on the matter anyway.


Feel free to express yourself a bit with your device. The weather is warming up and it will be time to get out and enjoy the warm days and social events of the season. Pick up a spare battery and a pack of coils and get out there! There are wraps, carry cases, holsters and more to enhance your look or feel for stepping out in style! 


Vape safe, vape happy!


VapeBot 54-C9, Signing off.

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