We are now stocking Purity & eVo from Nicopure

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We are now stocking Purity & eVo from Nicopure

Welcome to another blog by Vapebotz. 

As you can see from our website located at https://www.vapebot.co.uk we are now stocking the Purity & eVo ranges from a large manufacturer in the United States called Nicopure. They were formed in 2009, and boast a $4 million dollar manufacturing facility in Gainesville, FL. They were formally known as HALO in the United Kingdom, however due to trademarking laws they have had to use the second part of the brand name Purity - formally known as HALO Purity

So what can you expect from these eliquids? What comes to mind straight off of the mark is the attention to detail in everything they do over at Nicopure. From the owners vision, the amount of investment they have put in to manufacturing a premium ejuice, they stand out to us as a company that are here for the long run. There isn't many companies that I would envision to be here in 10 years up against the tobacco brands, and no doubt the pharmaceutical companies. However, the distinction and quality in the e-liquids from Nicopure will for sure stand the test of time in our opinion. 

Apart from the quality, and attention to detail, one of our primary reasons for bringing in Purity is the amount of positive reviews we have seen in the market place, and the reaction of testing the juices with our customers. To date we haven't received one negative response to a juice made by Nicopure, bearing in mind people have very subjective opinions when it comes to an eliquid. What we found is that people like yourself appreciate good complex flavours, even if it might not be to your liking as far as flavour. 

So why not... give it a go... like we did... 

From a personal note, I would recommend Black Calico if you like tobacco flavours, SubZero if you are looking for a menthol flavour, and if you are looking for something more fruity you need to try Tropical Paradox from the eVo range! 

We hope that you like the Purity & eVo ranges as much as we have!


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