Warmer weather, and leaky e-liquid in your pocket... why does it happen?

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Warmer weather, and leaky e-liquid in your pocket... why does it happen?

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As the northern hemisphere is coming into warmer weather there will be many changes. Flowers will bloom, birds will sing and your favourite vape may be leaking in your pocket!


Now nobody want to waste their best e-liquid in this fashion, so lets look at why this may happen, and how to avoid it. 


Several factors can cause your device to leak. But first, let us consider the ambient temperature. As things get warmer, your e-liquid will flow more quickly as well. This could lead to your atomiser weeping a small amount of liquid. Secondly, if your tank is running low, there is more air in the tank. Remember that air expands as it warms up. This can basically be pushing liquid out of your tank through the coil, which will leak out of the air inlets. This effect can be most apparent if you happen to fly with your e-cigarette. You land at your destination, reach for your favourite vape, only to discover a gooey mess. This happened because of the air pressure changes pushing out the liquid. So best course of action is to travel with empty tanks and refill at your destination.


Other things to consider will be that inside of a parked car on a sunny day, the temperatures can rise quite high, so please avoid leaving your device in a hot car.


Also in the warm weather you may find your flavor tastes could change. Don’t be afraid to give some new refreshing flavours a try! Maybe find something with a nice cool minty inhale for a whole new experience! Perhaps some of the cocktail flavours on the market will hit the spot while you hit the beach!
Lastly, if you intend to travel this summer, please check local laws. Some countries have completely banned vaping (such as Singapore) and you may be subject to fines for even possessing an e-cigarette. 


Aside from that, just keep your electrical adaptors on hand with a good supply of your favourite liquids and atomizer coils. You’ll have a happy holiday experience with just a bit of planning ahead.


Until next time, VapeBot 54-C9 Signing off!

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