VapeBot 54-C9 Gives you a blast from the past!

VapeBot 54-C9 Gives you a blast from the past!

Hi there! VapeBot 54-C9 online!


When you next reach for your vape, take a moment to remember just how great vaping is now. I’ve been a VapeBot for eight years now! Back then it was kinda tough to even find good products. There were very few flavours available, and even fewer choices for hardware. Many of you younger bots may not recall the struggle of paring up a 306 atomiser with your new 808 battery via a little adapter, IF you could even find one. The now standard 510 connector was not around yet.  Coils were a whole different planet in comparison to where we are now. I remember many vapers saying things like “…anything lower than 2.0ohms is just too crazy to consider..”.  When the e-Go first hit the market it was an amazing device! Then came the clearomizer, and cartomizers, and eventually tanks and those “Low Resistance” 1.0 ohm bridged atomisers and then things REALLY began to pick up the pace! Now there are virtually infinite combinations of hardware available to you lucky bots.


Remember those flavours? Back when there was horrible ashtray flavour with a touch of burnt rope flavor? perhaps “cherry” that was more like a flavoured automotive varnish? Vapers today have so many amazing choices at their fingertips now. Perhaps I’m showing my age with all of this, but the struggle was real!


Liquids and devices are better than ever today, so when your thoughts wander as you watch your clouds drift around the room, remember just how sweet things are today. Also don't forget that things are getting more and more amazing every day!


Vape safe and happy!


VapeBot 54-C9, Signing off

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