UK Government release a small proportion of registrations for TPD compliance (Vaping)

Hi Folks! 

Today the government released a small snippet of products that have been submitted for compliance and regulation for the Tobacco Product Directive. The products that have been listed are the first batch of products that were registered. This is what is said on the website 

"Published below is a list of the first products which have been submitted to MHRA via the EU-CEG:

This list is only a small proportion of the numbers of submissions we have received. We are currently processing these in date order and will be adding to the list each week.

We expect the list to be useful for retailers, consumers and Trading Standards bodies to be able to verify the companies and brands of e-cigarettes and refill containers (e-liquids) that have been notified to MHRA.

The list has limited details at this stage and some products listed are also available under other brand names. We expect to be able to publish fuller information from the EU-CEG portal about each product in the future.

We have not yet been able to check each notification listed for completeness or to verify TPD compliance. We are publishing this list at an early stage to give retailers and other interested parties the opportunity to check that producers have notified the products they are offering for sale and to minimise the time before new products can be introduced onto the market.

List of submitted products (PDF, 252KB, 58 pages)"

This is a strong sign that the MHRA are keeping to their deadlines, although there has been a lot of speculation around the enforcement of TPD. 

I will be updating this blog on a regular basis to keep the vaping community, the wide community and like minded business' of how this unfolds. 

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