Travel and Vaping

Travel and Vaping

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This week has been such great weather and with that, let’s think of travel!
As you hop out the door to that fantastic holiday, don’t forget to plan for your vaping!


It’s always a good idea to think about your destination. In some countries, vaping may still be banned. In others, there may not be the bits and pieces that you normally use. Just in case, be sure to pack enough spare coils for your favourite tank. 


Electrics are different around the world too. While USB is of course ‘Universal’, the wall outlets may be a different story altogether. If you use an external charger for your batteries, be sure to pack the proper electrical adaptors. Be sure that you understand the electric requirements of your given device. Just don’t forget that first, you must reach your destination!


Different airlines have different requirements but in general, there are just a few simple key points to remember. Keep your batteries in your carry-on bag, NOT in checked bags. don’t carry too much liquid in your carry-on. Of course now that we have passed the TPD deadlines, those 10ml bottles make travel a snap! 


Rules may vary widely in different places. Some countries don’t allow vaping in public spaces. Different places may be like the UK, where one may vape indoors provided that the establishment allows it. Simply ask a local and I’m sure that you’ll find out what you need. Of course, you may even make a new pal!


My final note on this, is to simply wish you a safe and happy summer. Enjoy yourself on a holiday or around the house. Make memories and have a few laughs!


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