Tobacco Product Directive otherwise known as the TPD

A lot of questions are naturally surrounding the Tobacco Product Directive at the moment, and there is a good reason for it. One of the key issues is that the MHRA have not released the list of companies who have registered products through their online portal. This means that enforcing this regulation is impossible at this moment in time. 

Why do we want the MHRA and HMRC to regulate our industry anyway? 

Standardising an industry is absolutely critical for the safety on consumers. If we did not have regulation enforced this would lead to a lot of fake products out in the market place. Electronic cigarettes have been known to blow up in the past, and e-liquids have also been reported as containing diacetyl. Vaping consumers need to be in the knowledge that they will be receiving a consistent Vape device every time they purchase. Vapebotz only purchases products from trusted suppliers who are TPD ready, and can prove that they are following all steps to ensure the safety on the consumers. 

The MHRA have recently said that they will be releasing the list of companies that have registered their products in 2017. They originally should have released the list of companies who registered with the TPD at the end of November. The MHRA were expecting over 14,000 products to be registered, however they only received 2,600 vaping products and e-liquid. The publication of this list has been delayed due to infrastructure issues on the MHRA's back end intranet. 

What does the TPD mean for you? The Consumer.

  • A slightly higher cost of Vaping supplies and hardware - this has been swallowed by a lot of online websites including ours, so that we can offer you the same prices
  • Safer products 

Trace ability, responsible selling & accountability from the manufacturers 

All in all TPD is a very good thing for the electronic cigarette industry, and this will ensure that Vaping will be around for years to come! Vape on!


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