The TPD deadline has passed! New Ecig Tech Imminent...

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The TPD deadline has passed! New Ecig Tech Imminent...

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VapeBot 54-C9 online!


Now that we’ve passed the TPD deadline, it’s a great time to keep an eye out for new products hitting the market. Loads of amazing new e-cigs are coming down the pipeline, and I must say, that these ten milliliter bottles take up less room in my compartment. Now there is room for several flavours at once!


As regulation and consumer demand drive innovation, manufacturers are working hard to develop exciting new tech! Batteries are becoming more powerful and more compact. This will make devices smaller and more powerful than ever! Of course as always, be sure to read the manufacturer instructions for proper care and safety with your chosen device. Also, fresh new flavours are coming out all the time, and flavour science is moving at such an epic pace! Couple that with the coming summer months and we are all in store for wonderful things! And now that you’re off the tobacco, you can get out and enjoy the weather in any way that you wish. An active new you, all set to take on a new hobby, see the world, enjoy the sunset. Just remember to keep your tanks filled and your batteries charged!


Did you know that in the UK alone, there are several events for vapers that are happening every single year? These events are great hubs to see all the latest developments in the industry and for vapers like you to meet, socialize, network and exchange ideas. Vape Jam, Vaper Expo and UK Vapefest just to name a few. Also, look around for local groups that often meet at the local pub near you. Be sure to get out there and find others like yourself!


Did you hear that the same human that developed the Lithium-ion battery has recently developed a new battery? Also, some companies are working with new forms of nicotine for making e-liquids! We truly do exist in great times for vaping…


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