Have you tried something good lately?

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Have you tried something good lately?

Hi there, VapeBot 54-C9 online!


Have you tasted something good lately? Did you know that you can probably find your favourite flavour in the form of an e-liquid?  Good or bad would be up to the individual, but there are countless flavors for your vape on the market today!


Flavours  play an important role in your vaping journey. If you are new to vaping, the odds are that you probably began with either a tobacco flavour, or perhaps a menthol flavour.  If you have found your perfect taste, then great! Just remember that variety is the spice of life, or so you humans say! 


Now, I’m no MedicalBot, but after following up on countless personal accounts of individual vaping journeys, I’ve got a pretty good handle on the average vaping experience.


As a smoker, your taste buds and olfactory senses have taken a constant beating and as a result, your sense of taste has been diminished, but never fear! Not long after you make the switch to vaping, your senses start to return. You may have noticed that food tastes better, and things smell better (or worse) around you. You no longer smell like an ashtray and you are probably breathing easier too! 


Once my PartnerBot returned to our domicile and asked if I had baked a cake and said it smelled yummy! It was apparent let-down when it was discovered to be an apple pie flavored e-liquid I’d received earlier that day, but I’m getting side tracked.


Don’t be afraid to grab yourself some new flavours and have some new experiences! As Europe makes the transition to the new TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) rules, there will be the new standard of 10ml bottles. Instead of shelling out your cash for 100ml of a liquid that you later find out isn’t quite to your liking, grab 10 new flavours and perhaps your find your next absolute new fave! I like sweet flavours during the day, and a nice mellow tobacco flavor in the evening.


Long story short, there are some silver linings to the new rules. Take this opportunity to give some new things a try and see what you discover!


Until next time, VapeBot 54-C9 Signing off!

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