Does Size Matter?

Does Size Matter?

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As you may well know, there have been a ton of changes to the vaping market lately. New rules in the UK and the EU have come into force. Or have they?! Let’s take a moment and just brush over some of the basics, shall we?


E-liquid bottle sizes are now limited to 10ml. Many companies are meeting perceived customer demand in the form of bundled packs. It is now quite common to see three or more 10ml containers inside of an outer package. There are, of course, pros and cons to this size of bottle. 


On one hand there is convenient little bottles that easily fit in ones pocket. When purchased singly, there is the option to purchase multiple flavours in one go, as opposed to buying thirty or more millilitres of a single flavour. Standardised sizes make shipping, taxing and stocking vape liquids simpler. There is also the easy ability to carry more than one flavor in ones bag in the same amount of space that the usual old 100ml bottle would take up. The weight savings alone are a bonus to me!


On the other side of the discussion, there are more bottles and packaging. Some manufacturers and retailers have used this timing to increase pricing, sometimes to levels that are simply silly. Some vapers really do get vocal whilst lamenting for ‘the good old days’ where they had huge containers of e-liquid for cheaper pricing.


While the environmental argument is indeed a valid point, recycling can and does happen, so remember to get your rubbish into the proper recycling bins.


Another way that some makers are ‘getting around’ legislation is by exploiting ‘grey areas’ in the rules. While the legislation at present doesn't seem to really regulate nicotine free e-liquids,  this leads many to believe that they can supply customers with huge bottles of zero-nicotine e-liquid, along with 10ml bottles of high nicotine strength unflavoured e-liquid for the consumer to mix themselves. Now in some cases, the nicotine free e-liquid may or may not even be properly tested for contaminants. It may or may not be made in some random bathtub from ingredients purchased on eBay. 


There has been little enforcement from the authorities in the industry so far, but I’m really hoping that it is coming. Manufacturers and retailers alike, are directly responsible for the liability of these goods. They should be held accountable. Stick to vendors that take this industry seriously and will be in it for the long haul. If you see what may be illegal products being sold, report it! Avoid the ‘quick cash’ type of brands and shops. If not for your own sake, for the sake of other vapers, as well as the industry itself.


Please bear in mind that many of the ‘johnny-come-lately’ liquid brands may be made by people that are willing to cut corners and compromise on quality as well as safety in the name of quick cash. Please be smart and research your choices. Feel free to ask you local vape shop to see the actual test results and registration paperwork for the liquids that they stock! If they can’t supply this information, perhaps you might want to make a different selection. Demand better!


Vape safe. Vape Happy!


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