Do you really know where your e-liquid of choice is made?

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Do you really know where your e-liquid of choice is made?

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There is a lot of talk lately about legislation in the vaping industry. Much of this has all been a lot of grumbling and miss-information. To throw in my two bytes on the subject, I’d like to look at the positives around legislation.


The best thing about the new regulations, in my opinion, is the quality of products on the market. There have been several cases that I have encountered in my travels. That random guy, we’ll call him “Bob” in the local pub, selling his homemade liquid in a huge bottle for a super low price? Well what are you really getting in this deal? For one thing, proper e-liquid should be made in a proper laboratory by properly trained chemists, in a cleanroom environment. One should really know what they are inhaling, should they not? Is Bob a chemist? or simply an enthusiast making liquids in his living room? Did Bob wash his hands after his last restroom visit? Does Bob have pets that leave hair and dander floating around? Of all of the things that may be in this mystery bottle of liquid, it shorts my circuits to think of what could happen.  I’ve seen more than one vaper suffer the misfortunes of this type of thing. Hospital visits, mouth ulcers and allergic reactions to say the least!


Of course if you like to make your own liquid, and use it at your own risk, that’s entirely up to you, but I for one, am no chemist!


If you really value your health I would encourage you to stick to known brands from reputable vendors. 


Vape happy, vape safe!
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