Decisions ... Decisions ... What is the best Electronic Cigarette ?

Decisions ... Decisions ... What is the best Electronic Cigarette ?

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Many people every day contact vape shops with one question: What’s the best e-cigarette?


Well, my friends, that answer is maybe not so simple!


Many factors come into play here. Performance, price, size, weight, color, feel, battery life, parts availability, internal or external battery, available accessories and many more! So many things described as ‘Best’ are really a simple matter of individual preference. 


We’ve all done it. Picked up a vape kit and judged the heck out of it. Too heavy? not heavy enough? maybe the buttons weren't as ‘clicky’ as one might like. Perhaps the screen is too bright or maybe it doesn't even have a display? Maybe the filling setup was to fiddly? Perhaps the airflow on that new RDTA wasn't quite what you wanted, or perhaps the drip tip was simply the wrong colour.  Perhaps that shade of purple was just a little too dark or the buttons should have been golden instead of chrome looking. Maybe the battery compartment opening was loose or opened to easily. Some may look at the cleanliness of the machine work, while others simply evaluate by the weight in the hand. Some people always assume that weight is associated with quality, while other equate lightness to higher tech or more modern. 


Perhaps after much consideration you’ve finally chose a device. It may be your first one, or it may be one of dozens bulging from your cupboards and desk drawers, but no matter, you’ve made a selection finally! Ok, so now what?  wait there is still vape liquid to buy!


So now you go through a range of liquids. You sample some from a friends device. You visit review websites so that other people can tell you what something tastes like or feels like on the inhale. You may fumble around a bit or feel a bit lost when choosing from the countless brands available.  You may feel that the ‘super-duper-mojito-cranberry-vanilla-custard-donut-bacon’ flavour simply needed more bacon flavour to hit the spot. So you constantly search for the ‘perfect’ flavour of e-liquid. Completely ignoring the fact that you probably smoked cigarettes for a number of years, and how did those taste?


Let’s forget all of that and try to simplify. We live in a hectic world. always something new happening. Always some new flavour or new device that some guy on youtube calls a ‘Game Changer’.  All kinds of marketing hype and mis-information on mainstream news. Kids to raise, houses to clean, grass to mow and schedules to meet. Why stress out so much over this? Just remember one thing…The Best flavor in the world, is whatever YOU say it is! and the best vaping device on the planet is simply the one that keeps you off of traditional tobacco cigarettes!


Vape Happy, Vape relaxed!


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