Choosing your perfect Device

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Choosing your perfect Device

Choosing your perfect e-cigarette device, Part 1

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When choosing your first, or your next vaping device, perhaps it's a good idea to ask yourself the above question. With a plethora of vaping devices and liquids on the market it can be a minefield of good and bad choices, with pros and cons for each and every unit.

Perhaps your main concern is battery life. Nothing is more annoying than having a great
vape in your hand, only to be left out with a dead battery. Many units on the market now boast in excess of 5000mAh, which is far improved over older models of yesteryear. However, with great battery life also comes the consideration of size and weight. Are user replaceable batteries a must-have for you as well? Perhaps you are comfortable carrying around a spare set of 18650 batteries (in a proper, safe case of course.)

One should bear in mind that not all mods allow for the convenience of USB charging, requiring the purchase of an external battery charger. Perhaps external batteries are more hassle than you want to deal with? If so, consider the built in battery type of mod that charges via USB.

The final considerations in choosing a device would be to ask how much power you require in watts, and if you require an adjustable output device. With units on the market
ranging from around 10 watts clear up to the cloud making machines in excess of 300 watts, there is truly something for everyone.

Once you have decided on the device itself, the next hurdle to overcome is choosing an
atomiser. This choice can be a doozy as well, depending on what you really want out of your vaping experience. Are you simply vaping to get off the cigarettes? Are you a seasoned vaping veteran chasing the biggest clouds possible? Perhaps you are presently a social shisha smoker on the weekends and are just seeking a safer alternative without costing yourself the social aspects of the Shisha bar?

The atomiser, or Tank, is the bit on top of your mod that actually does the work of creating your vapour. This is a key factor in finding the vape that is a perfect experience for you.

The factors above aren't the only factors to consider. Your chosen level of nicotine in your liquid is also key in atomiser choice. For instance, an 18mg liquid would be exceedingly harsh to vape in a sub-ohm tank, which we will get to in a bit. Choices of atomisers are virtually unlimited. Tank volume, decides how much liquid the tank will hold, which also dictates the overall size of the atomiser. Many tanks offer a range of different types of coils to go inside them as well as a selection of different mouthpieces, colours and additional accessories.

There are regular vaping tanks and clearomisers and there are sub-ohm types. The regular types, preferred by vapers using higher nicotine levels, tend to use less power and have lower overall size and volume. Sub-ohm tanks preferred by those making bigger vapour clouds, tend to be larger overall, and go through liquid faster. Power consumption of the two categories varies widely. The regular tanks roughly use anywhere from 8-20 watts, where sub-ohm tanks tend to be anywhere from 30 watts all the way up to an excess of 200 watts, which is why battery life becomes a concern in choosing your perfect vape.

You'll hear figures and numbers that may confuse you. Ohms, clapton, nickel, stainless,
kanthal, sub-ohm, cotton, ceramic and many more. We will cover all of those in our next blog, so......

stay tuned!

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