Burn, Baby, Burn!

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Burn, Baby, Burn!

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“Does this smell burnt to you?”  


This question floats around wherever vapers tend to congregate.


There may be any number of factors that lead to either a ‘Dry hit’ or at worst, a dirty or worn out atomiser coil.


The most common atomisers on the market today utilise two basic components. There is the wicking material, which is typically made from cotton. Then there is the heating element, which is a coil (or coils) of wire.


As your atomiser is producing vapour through it’s usual heat process, there will be residue left behind from your liquids. This residue is made up of sweeteners, colouring, and such. You may have heard that a liquid could be referred to as a ‘Coil-Killer’. This refers to liquids that have been typically made with excessive amounts of flavouring and such that really don’t need to be in your e-liquid. These excess additives remain behind and just turn into burnt goo on your coils. This spoils the flavour, and eventually starts to ruin the efficiency of the element inside. As this goo builds up, it will begin to contaminate the cotton around the coil and lead to things like excessive leakage and of course eventually the coil will fail.


Another thing that you may notice when it comes to leakage, may not be a leak at all! If your atomiser is being operated below it’s intended power band, it may not be utilising all of the liquid that gets drawn into the coil. This excess liquid will eventually build up and run out from the air channels of your atomiser. This would present as either a gurgling type of draw, or possibly the tank ‘spitting’ on the inhale as well.  


To avoid these kind of issues, use high quality liquids (Not just those with the most marketing hype), and be sure to use your device at the power that it’s meant to be used at. Most atomisers these days have it stamped on it for your reference.


Also, as these units are mass produced by people in factories, there can and will be the occasional issues with consistency. From one batch to the next there will be some that work well and some that don’t work so well.  Remember that anything can and will eventually fail and nothing is forever.


In the meantime, Enjoy your vaping journey!


Vape safe! Vape Happy!


VapeBot 54-C9, Signing off!

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